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Activate Your Agile Career: How Responding to Change Will Inspire Your Life’s Work is available now on Amazon.

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  • Restless or desire something more from your work life.
  • Pondering a role reboot in sync with who you are meant to do
  • A high-potential individual who wants to take your future from uncertain to inspired
  • Long-overdue for a career course correction
  • ready for a change

Who can benefit from the Agile Careerist Project?

Full-time workers / Part-time workers / Consultants / Knowledge professionals / Freelancers / Entrepreneurs / Solopreneurs / Career Coaches / HR professionals / Corporate talent acquisition / Talent development / Students
There are two central career agility concepts:
respond to change
respond to change
Mastering career agility future proofs your career, while building a foundation for a fulfilling career. The agile mindset is where marketable and meaningful converge.

What's in the Book?

Based on research, Activate Your Agile Career connects observed behavior patterns with relatable stories from workers and entrepreneurs. The book explores the rise of the agile careerist as the powerful response to today’s changing work world. Even better? You’ll get actionable steps to become one.

Exploring economic, cultural, and technology drivers, you will understand why an agile career mindset is essential to flourishing in the future of work.

With a deeper understanding of career agility, you’ll be ready to dive into the practical tools and compelling exercises to pursue your unique career path.

Sneak Peak: Agility Toolkit Essentials

Career Agility Model

Learn the seven steps to take control of your future by adapting and responding to change.

Career and Influences Map

Uncover your true strengths, what makes you unique in the workplace. Identify critical moments, milestones and people that influenced your career decisions.

Career Brand Process

Define and articulate who you are and what you offer.
Marti Konstant is the founder of The Agile Careerist Project, a career growth analyst, author, and speaker. She shares her personal career experiences and stories from three years of conversations with 120 global workers. She interviewed Boomers, GenXers, and Millennials, across industries and professions, while conducting formal survey research with mid-career professionals.

And now she’s your guide to creating your own agile career.

Get inspiration and develop accountability to help you thrive and flourish in your career.