What is an Agile Career?

An Agile Career is a self reflective, incremental career path, guided by response to change, commitment to jobs as projects, and designed to optimize creativity, growth and happiness.
—Marti Konstant

You’ve seen the term agile. It’s everywhere. What started with agile software development principles spread to learning, thinking, and leadership.

And now…careers.

Scads of research and over 120 interviews with cross-generational, cross-global workers convinced me. I’m more certain than ever agility and career belong together.

Futureproof Your Career

 The future of work requires fresh perspectives. Navigating a career by the old rules won’t work. Continually addressing job relevance and responding to relentless change are the new normal.
Organizations have already started evolving their hiring and employment practices. Now, it’s up to us—the employees and workers—to do the same. Career market changes demand a response. Adapt or get left behind.

Ready for action-based career design?

Join a community of vibrant professionals taking charge of their careers.

The Agile Careerist Project

The Agile Careerist Project is a book, a series of blog posts, advice, workshops, guides, templates, and tools. As a useful career resource center, it is designed to help global workers and the people who hire them, respond to change in the workplace.

Maybe you work for yourself or are at a corporation or organization. You might be five years into your work life or decades in. You know what you want to do but don’t know how to execute or, perhaps, you are unsure what your mission is. An agile career approach can help.

Exasperated by change
Looking for more freedom
Lacking passion
Get feedback
Create your brand
Think of jobs as projects
A/B test your career
Respond to change
Change your life’s work from ho-hum to great. Grow in a current role while cultivating what’s next. Invigorate your work environment. And reinvent your work to create a new path forward.


  Yes. I believe you can love your career. And I want to help you do it.

Meet Marti

I’ve been an agile careerist my whole life. And now I’m dedicated to helping others optimize creativity, growth, and happiness in pursuit of a transformative career. I care about your life’s work.  

I’m an entrepreneur, career growth analyst, personal brand architect, author, speaker, growth-stage advisor, and impact investor. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois and hold a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. I’ve worked at Fortune 500 and growth stage companies with movers and thought leaders. And you know what? I still got impatient for progress and eager for forward productive movement. As a keen observer of trends and a relentless seeker of purpose and relevance, I sought ways to honor my insistence on growth.

Continuous learning and paying attention to what made me happy led to strategic moves and desired promotions. I came to view my career through a lens of agility. This simple filter changed everything. Over the last few years and through intensive research and interviews, I formalized the process so I can serve as your career agility advocate.


Ask Yourself

  • Are you restless or desire something more from your work life?
  • Do you ponder a role reboot in sync with who you are meant to be?
  • Are you a high-potential individual who wants to take your future from uncertain to inspired?
  • Is a long-overdue course correction needed?
  • Are you ready for a big change?

Yes? Decide. Make a Change. Pursue Your Life’s Work.
Let’s get started.