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Whether you are just starting out, have decades of success under your belt, or are simply looking for a new path forward, you can create your success story.

Erika Dufour

Commercial Photographer
As a commercial photographer, she adapted to the migration from film to digital at a time when others were stubbornly refusing to learn new technology.

Drew Marshall

Innovation Consultant
Navigated from call center operations to culture and innovation consultant by discovering how to use his instigator superpowers to help inside teams with collaboration and efficiency.

Susan Oh

Serial Entreprenuer
She became a radio journalist at 16, worked for major international outlets, production in TV and film, a copywriter in advertising, communications consultant, and CEO of Artificial intelligence-based tech start up.

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Work Is Changing

Workforce participating in the freelance/gig economy.
Freelancers Union and
American workers describing themselves as engaged
Workers are looking to leave their current job
Millennials expect to be in their current job for two years or less
Employees would leave their profession if they could
Workers report changing jobs within the past three years

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